The Maintenance Program is a routine “tune-up” service for customers with existing automatic pool covers. Our technicians perform a standardized 16-Point Inspection on the system. From there, you will receive an Auto Cover Inspection Report, which details the results of the Inspection.

Why should I have a “tune-up” done to my automatic pool cover?

There are several reasons why you should consider doing a tune-up on an automatic pool cover. You may want to schedule a tune-up with APCNE if:

  • Manufacturers recommend servicing an automatic pool cover every 1-2 years after installation.
  • The pool cover is used often during the season.
  • To potentially avoid any automatic pool cover downtime.
  • Just purchased a home with a pool equipped with an automatic pool cover.
  • Automatic pool cover is three or more years old.
  • Cover works, but had noticeable difference in performance such as loud noises, skipping and tracking issues.
  • Cover is installed on commercial or public property.

When should I schedule maintenance on my automatic pool cover?

Anytime during the swimming season. Most people schedule a tune-up immediately after the pool opening or immediately before the pool closing.

Why should APCNE perform maintenance? Why can’t I do it myself?

Regular maintenance should be performed weekly, or bi-weekly, in the form of rinsing out the tracks and keeping them free from debris. One can certainly perform maintenance beyond the basics, but our technicians are factory-trained, and we know what to look for. The bottom line is quite simply: an automatic pool cover is a safety feature. Pool safety equipment should be addressed by qualified, trained professionals.

How do I go about scheduling a pool maintenance “tune-up” visit?

If you maintain your own pool, call 781-4-A-COVER (781-422-6837) or e-mail us at for more information. If you use a pool service contractor or property manager, you may also have them contact us directly.